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CB1 – the new city quarter for Cambridge

Order Phentermine Online Forum, Where Can I Buy Phentermine Online Uk

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question please Buy Phentermine Adipex Online.

What is CB1?

CB1 is the name for the newly revitalised area around Cambridge Station and takes its name from the local postcode. It is a mixed-use development, well underway, that has delivered new homes, offices, retail space and two hotels, with more to come. The scheme also features a new public square in front of the train station as well as other public realm and green areas.

CB1 provides modern, attractive accommodation for businesses and residents alike as well as offering affordable homes and student accommodation. CB1 forms a welcoming gateway for visitors arriving by train to the dynamic city of Cambridge.

What are the benefits of the development?

The new office buildings constructed within the CB1 estate to date provide more than 250,000 square feet of new office space. These offices house a variety of companies creating jobs in Cambridge, including Amazon, Microsoft Research, Deloitte, Carter Jonas, Thales, Mott MacDonald and Birketts.

Cambridge’s entrepreneurs have also benefited from the development work carried out to date: as part of the first stage of development work the business centre at 20 Station Road was opened in Summer 2014 to support start-ups with a comfortable office environment and services such as reception and meeting rooms.

The new CB1 estate has delivered 325 new, good-quality homes, meeting the Local Authority’s requirements to provide affordable housing. In addition, some 1,085 student apartments have been provided.

Three new green spaces and a variety of other public spaces have been created for the local community and visitors. Developers Brookgate and Hill Residential have also contributed over £1 million to permanent and temporary art as well an Art Workshop throughout the development period.

CB1 has provided 6,000 bicycle parking spaces, including 3,000 in the Cycle Park. Commuters have benefited from the £4.25 million the CB1 scheme has contributed for improvements to the train station. Over £5 million in financial contributions have also been made to roads, guided bus, primary and secondary education and public open space.

Who is developing CB1?

Brookgate is a development and investment company based in Cambridge which delivers high-quality, mixed-use urban projects. We specialise in the regeneration of under-utilised strategic sites around city-centre transport hubs, creating office, hotel, student, residential and retail developments.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality and sustainable places that demonstrate outstanding social and environmental responsibility. Our priority is to deliver value to the wider community - ensuring maximum long-term benefit to our partners and the cities in which we operate. Our values are integrity, openness, commitment, delivery and performance.

Who manages CB1?

The organisations involved in managing CB1 include: Encore Estate Management which manages the residential blocks, together with two housing associations; JLL and Cushman & Wakefield which manage the new office developments; and Bidwells which manages the older office buildings. In addition, Bidwells run the Estate Management Company responsible for upkeep of the parks, beds and majority of the paved areas.

Who does what can be found on the dedicated Phentermine Online Consultation Prescription

Who owns CB1?

There are many stakeholders in CB1 – Network Rail owns the station buildings together with Station Square, the Cycle Park and station car park, all of which are leased to Greater Anglia. Further development is planned on the Network Rail land around the Ibis hotel and Cycle Park which will bring in further stakeholders.

Brookgate owns Murdoch House and the older office buildings (nos.10, 20, 30) on Station Road - all of which are also in the pipeline for re-development. Aviva Investors has forward funded the current 50/60 Station Road development and will own that building on completion.

Various other pension funds (Tesco, Railpen, Possfund) own the new office blocks and student accommodation already developed at CB1, including 21 Station Road (Microsoft), 22 Station Road, and One Station Square.

Two housing associations (bpha and Aldwyck) own blocks of residential apartments, alongside private owners who have long leasehold or shared ownership interests in individual apartments.

Is there more development to come?

Yes, plans have been submitted to Cambridge City Council for a new, six-storey building at 10/20 Station Road. The plan would provide 132,000 sq ft of office space to attract more employers, a pocket park for the community and a further 482 bicycle parking spaces.

The 10/20 scheme, which would sit on the site of the old Jupiter and Leda Houses, will extend the ‘linear park’ planned along Station Road to provide a green buffer between road traffic and workplaces. A ‘pocket park’ is proposed to the west, where the building would be set back to make room for this green space.

The next office development is likely to be at 30 Station Road, where a further 78,000 sq ft of space is envisaged. There are also plans for a further 89 residential units with shops on the ground floor on the site of Murdoch House. This scheme will bring about the largest transformation yet, with the opening of the second phase of Station Square, providing a pedestrianised and landscaped area. This space will complement the taxis and vehicle drop-off area, which had to be delivered first, for practical reasons.

The improvements underway across CB1 have already been recognised with more than ten awards. These include a Love Cambridge Award for services to disabled people for our student accommodation buildings Aston House, Bragg House and Crick House. National awards include the British Council for Offices’ innovative workplace award for 22 Station Road.

How many people live within CB1 development?

There are approximately 600 residents currently living in CB1, together with those who reside in the 1,100 student bedrooms and 400 hotel rooms.

How does CB1 accommodate residents on lower incomes?

Of the 325 units built, 121 are affordable homes - 37% of the total. There are two housing associations providing homes for those on lower incomes: Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews and Cheap Phentermine No Rx.

How many people work at CB1?

The typical working population in the offices, shops and hotels at CB1 is 2350 employees, although this can be higher at busy times.

What companies are located at CB1?

Some of the most prestigious employers in Cambridge are located at CB1, including Amazon, Birketts, Carter Jonas, Centrica Connected Home, Raspberry Pi, Deloitte, Microsoft Research, Mott MacDonald and Thales.

Who do I contact if I have questions or comments?

If you have specific queries concerning occupiers or buildings on the CB1 estate please refer to the interactive map on the Phentermine Online Consultation Prescription

For general queries about CB1 please email Get Phentermine Prescription Online

Where can I find more information and news?

The Order Phentermine Canada of the CB1 website is a great place to stay up to date with news, events and updates on CB1. A printed newsletter is also distributed at Cambridge Station and to those who live and work in and around CB1.

Where can I go to eat drink and shop at CB1?

CB1’s new shops and food outlets cater to a range of needs, whether that’s getting your bicycle fixed at Rutland Cycling or The Bike Station, or grabbing a hot drink from your chosen cafe just before jumping on a train.

A street food market, foodPark, rolls into CB1 every Friday lunchtime (except in January – check foodPark Phentermine Buy) and local, entrepreneurial pop-up shops have become a regular feature. Current pop-ups include the Coffee Stop, a converted ‘tuk tuk’ which offers hot drinks, cakes and snacks and Ling Ling’s steam kitchen offering Taiwanese food at lunchtime.

The permanent cafes and restaurants offer ‘to go’ options, from freshly-made sandwiches and salads at Pret a Manger to Wasabi’s authentic Japanese Sushi and Bento. Café Nero and Costa Coffee offer a full range of coffees and snacks and the new Tamburlaine Hotel provides elegant settings for coffee, champagne or craft beer.

CB1 has also brought the new Sainsbury’s for picking up all your essentials, and you can get your hair cut at Esquires Barbers under the cycle park.

For a complete list see the Order Phentermine 37.5 Canada.

How do I find out how to buy or rent a home at CB1?

Renting – For private lettings of residential apartments on CB1, please refer to the residential search engines – Rightmove, Zoopla etc.
Also, for affordable accommodation, the housing associations operating within the CB1 estate are: Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews and Cheap Phentermine No Rx.

Sale – There are no new residential units available at present but local estate agents will be able to show you what’s available in due course for Three and Four Station Square.

Short term – Both the City Stay and Signet Apartments websites list apartments within CB1 available for visitors: Buy Cheap Phentermine Online and Next Day Phentermine Delivery .

Re-Sale – For private sales of residential apartments on CB1, please refer to the residential search engines – Rightmove, Zoopla etc.

How do I find out how to rent office space at CB1?

Please see the Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Reviews or contact the following agents:

Will Heigham
E Buy Adipex Brand Online
T 01223 841 841

Ollie Mcleod
E Purchase Phentermine 30Mg
T 020 7493 4933

How do I use the bike store?

CB1 has provided 6,000 bicycle parking spaces, including 3,000 in the Cycle Park which are free to use 24/7 for people using Cambridge Station. It is owned by Network Rail and managed by Greater Anglia.

What is the Cambridge BID?

The Business Improvement District (BID) is an initiative to support Cambridge businesses through creating opportunities for staff and business development, sharing knowledge and fostering B2B trading.

The BID, established in 2013, will be extended in 2017 for a further five years and, for the first time, expanded to include Station Square and the CB1 estate.

BID ambassadors circulate in Cambridge aiming to help tourists and residents by offering advice on over 1,100 local shops, bars, cafes, attractions and entertainment services. They wear black and purple bowler hats to help them stand out so you are likely to spot them at CB1 soon!

More information about events and activities can be found on the dedicated Phentermine Buy Online Uk.