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5 May 2020

The new business looking after your health in CB1

Restore Health Centre, a new chiropractic and Functional Medicine practice from partners Jamie Ellis and Judith Johanne Torstvedt, has recently opened in WeWork at 50/60 Station Road. We caught up with Jamie about their new venture and how the business is adapting during lockdown

What is Restore Health Centre all about?

Restore Health Centre is all about the why and root cause. A huge proportion of the population is dependent on medication to control their symptoms of poor health, but we help people to identify and address the cause of their health concerns and empower them with the support, guidance and tools to actively restore their health and wellbeing.

What kind of services do you offer?

Health is multifaceted and hugely individual. We therefore start with a Discovery Appointment to get to know the individual, their concerns and goals. We then put together a tailored package of what needs to be improved; whether it be chiropractic for physical function, nutritional advice, stress management or other lifestyle interventions. We also use Functional Medicine, which provides a more advanced framework for more complex health issues. Pregnant patients benefit from the same approach, with Judith to support a smoother delivery and start in life for newborns.

Why did you decide to set up in WeWork?

We have a friend that does similar remote work as a psychologist in a WeWork in New York who told us about how cool they were, so we were immediately interested. Being in a co-working space is so stimulating - we love being surrounded by other forward thinking and innovative companies in CB1.

How is Restore Health Centre adapting to lockdown and what services are you currently able to provide?

Although our hands-on chiropractic care has had to cease, we are able to continue to work with many of our clients and support them during this time by transferring to virtual appointments. We have two types of appointment currently operating; Restore Balance appointments for those who require coaching on nutrition, stress management and other aspects of lifestyle; and our full Functional Medicine program for those with more chronic and complex health issues.

How are you keeping in touch and sharing your expertise with clients and the Cambridge community?

We are currently sharing a lot of content on immune resiliency via social media through Instagram and Facebook. One thing that has been really positive is that we have had opportunities to work with companies looking to maintain the culture and benefits they provide for their work teams through virtual solutions. We are currently hosting webinars and offering our individual services for the whole of WeWork in the UK, and have been invited to join various podcasts, so it's been really exciting to share our knowledge with the masses.

Do you have any advice for people to help maintain a healthy mind and body?

It's a tough time for all of us right now, but I think that it helps that the whole planet is in the same boat. It has brought a huge sense of unity and there are positives out there which are important to see in amongst the scary statistics and headlines. When do we usually get the opportunity to press pause on our lives and take a step back? Many of us now are now able to really reflect on our lives, which we cannot do when we are living at 100mph. Do I really enjoy how I’m living? What do I want to change to make my life happier and more fulfilling? How is my health doing, and will I be susceptible or not when I get older? Apart from that, take a deep breath, be patient and stay conntected  to your family and friends.


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